“Real time 3D shed design software platform”

User friendly, super fast, server based with data stored off site for safety and security, millions of options, management reporting, 100% accurate BOMS

ShedTech Holdings Pty Ltd was created from a mix of over thirty years industry and building experience combined with the latest internet technology and development principles. We offer a world leading industry software solution that is truly unique and innovative.

Our web driven software, ShedTech™ allows instant design, quotation and bill of materials for any steel building. User friendly functionality is available with a minimum of prerequisite operator skills.

ShedTech was started by an independent shed distributor looking to source a software solution to automate his business. The existing program offerings in the market place did not fulfill the functional requirements and were mostly hybrids of other software – and dated. It was time to innovate a new solution for the industry.

The approach was to write software using developers that had no experience in the shed industry, had no pre-conceived ideas and could also identify functionality that would be beneficial to everyone.
So development began on ShedTech where the experienced shed hand spoke directly to the developer who then decided the best way to solve each problem.

ShedTech was developed with a unique 3D approach that rendered a shed in real-time without any prebuilt libraries or drawings. The quoting and ordering process was automated entirely so that there was no double handling of any information, from a distributor making a quote, then an order, through to the roll former powering up.

Along the way, an equivalent quote and ordering software program for patios was developed. PatioTech uses the same innovative web driven design to provide immediate benefit to patio companies looking to streamline their business.

One of ShedTech’s main goals is to ensure that our products use the latest technology and are always current.

WindCheck is an off-the-shelf solution that makes determining a wind design speed easy and quick. The WindCheck product was then built into the ShedTech and PatioTech products, ensuring they were also using the latest standard.

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