SHEDSAFE® is a third-party accreditation program and the industry benchmark for manufactured steel frame sheds. The scheme was developed in Australia by the independent Australian Steel Institute (ASI) to help consumers make informed decisions about where to purchase their new steel frame structure.

When you choose a SHEDSAFE® accredited supplier, you get peace-of-mind that the engineering standards, steel components, and site specifications for your new shed will meet the most stringent of standards. Safety for consumers, structural integrity and protection of our customer’s investment in their new shed and its contents are paramount.

You can’t buy SHEDSAFE® accreditation – You have to earn it.

The unique ShedTech 3D dynamic engineering software system, designs, and engineering procedures used by all our members have undergone a rigorous independent auditing and certification process by an ASI appointed panel of independent engineers and specialists. We are proud to say our system surpasses all ASI guidelines and criteria.

To ensure our shed designs are suitable and safe for each unique property, we incorporate a range of site-specific environmental and regional factors into the calculations before recommending a particular specification and providing a quote. These factors include:

● the risk of severe weather events like cyclones
● the topography and terrain of the surrounding area
● the shielding effect of other nearby buildings
● what the sheds will be used for
● the specific model of shed you choose, along with the additional features and alterations you’ve made to the standard design

Even though the SHEDSAFE® accreditation program has yet to roll out fully in New Zealand, Shed Alliance ensures all our members comply with these stringent standards, reflecting our ongoing commitment to consumer safety by delivering top quality sheds wherever we operate.

Purchase a shed, carport, patio, or any other of our extensive range of steel frame products from one of our New Zealand members, and you get the same standard of excellence in design, engineering and workmanship as you would from any of our Australian suppliers. You can be confident, your new steel frame structure will meet or exceed all relevant AUS/NZ design and engineering standards and the applicable building codes for your area, wherever you live.